Who is Eligible for help

salmon for soldiers 2013 016

We helped get some of our Vets involved with Salmon for Soldiers. All the Guys that went caught Salmon or won something at the raffle. We plan to be one of the sponsors for next year. This is just one thing we have done and we have done lots of differant things to help our Veterans adjust back into normal life. With your help the sky is the limit.

  • Everyone that served in OIF or OEF.
  • You do not need a VA rating or be deemed by the VA or medical provider to suffer from PTSD.
  • You just need to have a copy of you DD-214
  • It is our belief that everyone that comes back from war is affected. Your normal is no longer normal. Well at least not normal for the people that have not been to and seen war. It is our hope that we can offer a bit of transitional help and therapy with art. Sometimes it’s an in-depth look at the making of a huge metal sculpture, and others just want a weekend out of the house to just hang around the shop and make a set of nerf bars for their truck.
  • Your participation is 100% up to you. You can be involved 40 plus hours a week or come in for a few hours.