Projects Past and Present

Past Projects

These projects ranged from simple to complicated. 10 minute to 3 months. No mater how I explain it. They helped me keep my sanity for over 6 years in a war zone.

  • This is a jeep I built from ground up back in the 90’s. I was working at the shop that made the bumpers for the 2 fast 2 furious movies and that was where I got the inspiration for this one. You may also have seen them on the Transformers movies. The rear bumper is something we normally made. The rest of the truck was built over a 2 year period. This Jeep was a lot of fun and something I thought about often in the quiet times while in the Middle East.
  • My wife always said she liked palm trees. The bottom plates were off damaged armored vehicles, rebar from a local construction project, and the palm froms were scrap pieces of sheet metal that were used on anouther project.
  • So from 2005 to about 2007 meat in Iraq was not real easy to find on a consistent basis. We were all happy that in later 2007 the PX started carrying it in the freezer section on some of the larger bases. That is when the powers that be started wanting to BBQ. The Webbers you got at the PX fell apart all to quickly when you are cooking for 20-40 people. I was tasked to make a BBQ in my spare time… So what does a former Sea Bee do……..above and beyond of course. This Stryker BBQ took over 3 months to complete and has some pretty cool detail. I also made a few more that I traded for shop supplies and tooling for the team in Afghanistan. It was like the Wild West some times. Order it through the system…..6 months if you are lucky. Bartering for it got it right then and there.